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Facility Management

Strategic management of properties, services and all related activities.


The EPM is an operator specialized in the strategic management of facilities, services and all activities connected to them.


The company offers logistic and organizational support services to its customers, acting as the sole interlocutor to guarantee an integrated management of several services, with significant benefits in terms of cost rationalization, contractual simplification and greater control of the provided services (Service Level Agreement).

Its main activities focus on two areas:


as those activities and services offered to guarantee the maintenance of buildings, plants and connected structures. With the aim of providing clients the constant and proper functioning of their facilities and services, guaranteeing rationalization of energy costs and compliance with existing legislation.


As the set of services connected to the operators and employees that works in the structure: such as environmental health, data processing, reception and security. These services, overall, are aimed at improving wellness and productivity of employees, providing an optimal working environment in which performing their duties.

Civil & Industrial Cleaning

  • Institutional & Industrial cleaning
  • Environment & ecology
  • Sanitization in special environments


  • Maintenance
  • Drone

Ancillary services

  • Specialist assistance
  • Reception & Superintendence

Civil & Industrial Cleaning

Civil & Industrial Cleaning


The consolidated experience and the quality of industrial services, make of EPM a highly qualified company in this field. The strengths of a highly applied technique to large hospital complexes, schools and public complexes of all kinds, are high strategic and operational flexibility as well as the use of latest generation equipment.

The main services provided in this field are the followings:


  • Institutional and industrial cleaning, by using the technologically and hygienically most suitable modes for each intervention;
  • Sanitary and environmental health, disinfestation, disinfection and cleaning, both inner and external of the industrial areas, data processing centers, schools and offices;
  • Hospital cleaning, including sterilization and sanitation of environments used for special treatments and operating rooms;
  • Laundry, with reference to the whole production cycle, from water-based washing, dry wash, drying of clothes, curtains and any other type of instrument.
Enviroment & Ecology



Dealing with the environmental and ecological services the field, the company also provides collection and waste disposal services.


Meanwhile, it tries to spread a culture which encourages a proper recycling of waste, creating value under an environmental, ethics and social perspective.

The main provided services refer to the following categories:


  • cleanliness and urban health (including disinfection, disinfestation, sweeping)
  • collection and specialized transport of solid urban waste;
  • recycling (automatic and manual);
Sanitization in special environments
Ducts and filters
of the conditioned area




In this context, it develops provides interventions on:

  • Electrical installationsEPM offers management and efficiency services for electrical systems, constantly monitoring and rationalizing costs.
    Moreover it optimizes consumption, dealing with the management of a wide range series of installations.
  • Mechanical plants (Thermic)Through a constant supervision, EMP guarantees a reliable service, avoiding interruptions, lengthening the production cycle of the heating systems and optimizing costs.
    Besides increasing the environmental sustainability of plants, where necessary.
  • Water systemsA constantly available team guarantees the correct functioning of the water systems and the timely solution of any problems they may incur.
    The experience gained in the sector allows EPM to manage different types of systems.
Clone divisions


EPM provides services using aerial drones capable of capturing high resolution images, managing to cover very large areas and creating georeferenced 3D and orthomosaic models.

What services are available?


  • Photos and filming
  • Inspections and inspections
  • Search and rescue
  • Agriculture and precision
  • Intellicence and security

Ancillary services

Specialist Assistance


The company also provides to private and public administration services of specialized assistance. In detail, EPM is present in many hospitals, private clinics and rest homes providing social – healthcare services and socio-sanitary assistance.

The experience developed over the years, even in complex contexts and similar businesses, allows the Company to provide innovative solutions for the needs of people, families and communities.

In addition, the Company offers nursing services, basic healthcare, animators and therapists for elderlies, combining professionalism and skills with the aim of creating a serene and balanced environment in the facilities, thanks to the involvement of nurses and professionals always at the service of the patient.

Reception and superintendence


EPM can also offer specific services to companies that need support in “Reception & Superintendence” providing courtesy, transparency and cordiality with the highest standards in this sector. The main services offered, adaptable to any customer needs, are:


  • switchboard services;
  • concierge and access control / supervision;
  • security