EPM is a public services company, active in the environmental services chain from over 30 years. Today, EPM sets up as utility and multiservice company, on a national scale. The Company is present from many areas and has a well-implemented core business, which is typical of facility management.

In recent years, the Company entered the energy industry by “producing” (through hydroelectric power plants) and by “saving” (Energy Saving Company) energy. Today EPM has more than 1000 employees and launches a new challenge entering the renewable energy industry.

 The profound commitment, the high qualitative standards for professionalism, means and technology, management and organizational skills, combined with solid economic results, allowed to get prestigiously awarded in national and international fields. Finally, in 2014, it was shortlisted for “VedoGreen Award” for technological innovation in sustainable growth.

In EPM we really believe in relationships with customers, with whom we do not establish simple client/supplier relations but real forms of long-lasting partnerships, aimed at improving and enhance their business cycle and to guide them in the rationalization of costs and environmental sustainability. We therefore commit to meet reference community’s needs in order to improve their economic and social well-being. All these activities are in line with the principles of social responsibility, pursuing sustainable development according with ethical and environmental protection values.


The EPM entrance to the ELITE program

ELITE is an international platform, deeply rooted in every national market

thanks to partnerships with local institutions, combined with the opportunity to access international support and advice. E.P.M. is part of the ELITE GROWTH program since April 12, 2012, obtaining the certification in 2015, and is one of the first six companies from Campania joining the program. This has brought to obtain the GET VALUE Certification, a special award that gave to the company efficiency and visibility by making it more attractive to big investors.